Vish Dosh

When in any individuals horoscope moon is in conjunction with saturn in any house it is known as permanent vish yoga dosha in ones kundli. Shani in rohini, hasta and shavana nakshatra forms visha yoga and moon in pushya, anuradha and uttara bhadrapad nakshatra forms this inauspcious yoga. Again when shani is in karka rashi or moon is in makar or kumbha rashi makes the formation of this yoga. Apart from this whenever in the mahadasa of moon the antardasha of shani comes and vice versa this period is known as visha yoga effective period.

Negative effects due to visha yoga Visha yoga dosha creates lots of problems and undesirable effects on individual. Some of negative effects are listed below: Vish yoga effects on mind and body
This dosha creates unnecessary stress and strain, loss of confidence and memory, insenstivity, emotional immaturity, irresponsibility. It also leads to loss in leadership quality, personality disorders and wandering thinking power. Person imposes self destructive nature in themselves leading to suicidal tendencies. Diseases related to breathing problems, chest, lungs, mental depression aggravates during this period. The feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals. Facing regular and recurring psychological problems & loss of confidence originating through unknown causes leads to acute frustration.
Vish yoga effects on education
Vish dosha retards motivation and learning for higher studies which leads to Failure in Exams, Sudden Change in Education Streams. Vish yoga effects on career and profession
Obstacles in promotion, destruction of career, betrayal by co-workers, no results even after lots of hard work, have a tendency to job hop, unable to demonstrate an ability to execute successfully.
Visha yoga effects on marriage and love life
Unavoidable quarrels, have destructive effect on a couple as well as children, Failure in Love Affair, betrayal by partner. Visha yoga effects on business and income
Financially, the nativewill face more expenditure than inflow of income. Unnecessary financial problems may crop up, Lack financial prosperity and stability.
Visha yoga dosha effects on mother
Creates bad effect on Mother and her health particularly, the child feels unloved and unprotected by the mother, it creates tension and problem between the native and their mother.
Remedy for visha yoga dosh

  • Vish yoga very serious fault in persons horoscope & it should be mitigated at the earliest by getting below mentioned vish yoga remedial puja performed.
  • Vish yoga shanti tantrik puja
  • Visha yog shanti puja is believed to help prevent negative impacts of visha yoga and promote wellness. Vamtantra conducts visha yoga dosha nivaran tantrik puja to reduce the malefic effects of saturn and moon caused by visha dosha and enhance the benefits of the shani and chandra graha.