A lot of people are gaining interest towards astrology, horoscope and kundli. It has been proven many times that motions of planets have a great effect on our life. Today marriages rely completely on kundli match. People who have never taken the assistance of an astrologer throughout their life do go to them for kundli match. With the help of kundli match an astrologer is able to describe the partners about their compatibility and problems that can arise in their life later on.

Even people going for love marriages seek astrologer assistance to stay happy together and perform various solutions to make their life less stressful. Kundli match actually uses the date of birth, location, and sex of the individual and the result are based on their stars and position of planets. The match that scores more gunas (positive points) is referred as good match and they are able to run their life successfully and face fewer hardships. Such matches are referred as marriages made in heaven and thus stay happy throughout their life by adjusting with each other.

There are many criteria's that are used to match the kundli and see how the future and planetary motion of both individual will affect each other. There are many cases in which kundli's do not match and people back out from getting married. Not everyone believes in such matches but one who has firm belief in kundli match is not able to go against it if his results or match is not favored.

The gunas are matched on the basis of points. There are total of 8 gunas and each one of them carries different weight:

  • Varna - Matching of the castes
  • Vashya - Attraction
  • Tara - Longevity of either
  • Yoni - Nature and characteristics
  • Graha Maitri - Natural friendship
  • Gan - Mental Compatibility
  • Bhakoot - Relative influence of one on the other
  • Nadi - possibility of child birth

All of these gunas carry 1-8 points and their sum comes out to be 36. People who score 18 or above are termed as compatible and granted permission from astrologers for marriage. Who score less than 18 points are not advised to get married as they face a lot of problems in their life and thus are recommended to find a better match. Also there are various solutions or upayas that can be done to reduce the effect of bad things in their lives which are told by the astrologers.

Manglik dosha also plays an important role in kundli match. A manglik is often advised to marry a manglik only as their bad stars cancel out each other and allows both the partners to live happily in their life. A manglik and non manglik match may win good points while matching of gunas but the risk associated with their marriage is very high. If the astrologer permits the marriage after few upayas then only it should be considered.