Gaj Kesrai Dosh

There are number of yoga which is formed due to existence of two or more planets in one particular sign. The Gaj kesari yoga is one of the prominent yoga in astrology which shows its best result due to the combination of two friendly planets which are Jupiter and Moon.gaj kesari yoga

Jupiter and Moon when conjoins in any sign, the Gaj kesari yoga is formed. Since the both planet are friend to each other, their combined effect make a person extraordinary with the planetary characteristics of Moon and Jupiter.

When the Both Planet Conjoins in any sign, the character of both the planets and the effects of Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces sign also get diluted and a proper personality get emerged in people who own Gaj kesari yoga in their kundali / horoscope.

gaj kesari yog The Gaj kesari Yoga is not always good. One can find the bad effects also. The good and bad effects are depending on the placement of Jupiter and Moon in different houses of respective ascendants and also as per the nature of house where Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces sign exist. Accordingly as per ascendant sign, the effect of Gaj kesari Yoga differs in its result. The effects of Gaj kesari yoga in 12 ascendant signs are elaborated in succeeding paragraphs.