Chandal Dosh

Guru chandala yoga is formed when both Jupiter and Rahu occupy the same sign. the life of the individual is effected due to the combined qualities of Jupiter and Rahu. The individual deviates from what is considered moral, right, proper or good. The desirable and positive qualities or undesirable and negative results will depend on benefic or malefic position of jupiter in the horoscope. The outcomes of guru chandaal yog also depends upon the house in which this yoga is formed. The consequences of this yog are seen to be influenced by the interaction and combination of other grahas.

Guru chandala yog is also known to be formed When jupiter and ketu are in the same house and even when ketu aspects jupiter in a horoscope. In this type of chandala yoga improper, wicked or immoral behaviour is shown by the individuals. The auspicious or inauspicious results vary due to the combination or position of the malefic or benefic planets in the different houses. Whether chandal yog is good or bad?

Guru chandaal yog is not regarded as morally good by any measures due to its planetary character. Here where jupiter is considered a positive planet giving a boost to morale as a strong teacher, benefactor and also considered as planet which if favourable ought to deliver the best ever positive results. Jupiter also removes all obstructions in the life of the native if supported by other positive planets in the horoscope. Rahu being a shadow planet having great force or effect acts as a mighty ecliptor which decreases the favourable or beneficent influence of any planet. Effects caused due to chandal yog

Disturbs educational and financial life, causes insecurity in career, loses jobs at short intervals causing instability. Person looses concentration and decision making power, makes them inclined to indulge in socially and morally unethical activities. Guru Chandal yoga in the horoscope creates health and mental disorders along with problems in acquiring and retaining wealth. Chandal yog dosh nivaran tantrik puja

This tantrik puja by vamtantra is for persons having guru chandaal yog and for those who have the malefic effect of retrograde jupiter in their horoscope. Persons going through main and sub periods of jupiter and rahu or vice-versa are also advised to go for this puja. Chandal yog nivaran puja mitigates their problems and enhances the benefit of jupiter and rahu.