This relation is the base of every astrology chart or horoscope, which communicates and defines the fate of a person. In Indian traditions, astrology chart is drawn just within a short time of birth. Apart from the requirement of exact time and date of the birth, the location of the birth where the child is born is also needed to be mentioned in order to get an astrological chart in place. The nine planets of astrology are different from the planets mentioned in the Solar System of western science. Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Rahu, and Ketu comprise the list of Navagrahas, also called as zodiac planets or astrological planets. Each of these astrological planets has their own unique features. Also, each of them holds certain pros and cons at certain houses of certain Zodiac Signs.

After considering all these aspects, an astrology chart is placed for a certain person. Each astrological chart has a total of twelve houses, and each house represents a certain characteristic of life. A total of nine planets fill up those houses, and a few of those houses remain vacant. The astrological planets placed in those houses, and its combination with the other placed planets in certain other houses determines the fate and future of a person. It also defines 'Karma' or deeds which a person will perform, whether 'Paap' (sins) or 'Punya' (virtue) in his life. It also determines the Sun Sign of a person, on the basis of which a person's name is decided.

Astrology chart is not a mere piece of paper, or a part of tradition. It is a mirror of the fate, traits, qualities, features, strengths, weaknesses, and every small aspect related to that person. It is a representation of the entire future and life of a person. It depicts how well or bad, a person is going to live his life. However, astrology does not get into the minutest details, but it still provides more of an outline picture of the different life situations at different points of time of the life of a person. It elaborates about the strengths and weaknesses of a person, which help a person to take more conscious and stable decisions in his personal as well as professional life.