Kalpesh Upadhyay

(B.Sc) Jyotirgyata, Jyotibhusan (NGU)

Shri. Kalpesh Upadhyay is an astrology guru and has disciples across the globe, which includes celebrities, philanthropists and tall figures of society. He started learning different disciplines of astrology since childhood under the guidance of great holy souls and decided to serve humanity with complete devotion. Shri. Kalpesh Upadhyay’s knowledge comprises of different divination. As an astrologer, he understands individuals’personal need; it can be related to business, love life, supernatural effect, mental peace, vaastu problems, etc. He is a self-lessastrologer, who believes, he is nothing but a God’s servant. He is a famous astrologer, but believes as he is just a medium to show the right path to achieve peace and success. People fly to India to attain mental peace with the words of numerologist and jyotish, Shri. Kalpesh Upadhyay He is a astrologer, numerologist and a vastu expert. He is a famous astrologer and counted among the best vastu consultants.

His center is located in Ahmedabad, but people from all over India visit him just with a word of mouth; Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Pune are full of his believers’ and visit him regularly.

Vedic Vaastuand Pyra Vaastuare the types of vaastu practices offered by best vaastu consultant Shri. Kalpesh Upadhyay . He also offers a rare and special service called Vaastu defect rectification, it a deep study and needs years of practice, where the existing house or any work place is vaastu rectified without demolishing or construction alteration by using yantras, which are very powerful as they are pre-energized. Numerology, Astro Numerology, Hebrew Pyramid Numerology, Pronology, Namelogy, Gemology, and by using Name Charts are the other services which he offers as per the requirement and at times in combination to achieve the desired goal.

People suffer from Geopathic stress and negative energy, which is not visible, but jyotish, Shri. Kalpesh Upadhyay , detects such effects with vedic power scanner and rectify it effectively. For mental peace and success in business, namelogy and gemology is offered. People visit the famous astrologer, Shri. Kalpesh Upadhyay , before wedding and after childbirth for namelogy, numerology and pronology. As he is the best vastu consultant; before constructing or buying a house; people visit him religiously.Bigthumbnail, Catseye, Diamond, Emeralds, hessonite, Madagascar ruby, Natural Pearls, Ruby, Turquoise Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire and Zircon, are the types of gems and precious stone offered. Depending on an individuals’ need, precious stone and gems suggested, for instance, Ruby, its red in color and increases will-power, blood flow, dynamism and stringent the soul.